Paintings available from the
Darwin and Ethel Musselman Exemption Trust

"Seaside Cottage, Hawaii" 1990, Oil on canvas board, 12" x 16"  $2,400

"Chapel, Principia College" 1980, Oil on board, 12" x 10"  

"Center of Attention" 1990, Oil on canvas, 24" x 20"  $3,000

"Decoy  and Cards" 1976, Oil on masonite, 12" x 24"  $10,500

"Yellow Pitcher" 1937, Oil on canvas, 22" x 28"  $7,000  â€‹SOLD

"Big Brother" 1989, Oil on board, 12" x 15"  $2,750

"Brickyard, Fresno" 1940, Oil on canvas, 14" x 18"  $3,850

"Day at the Beach" 1989, Oil on canvas, 20" x 30"  $3,600

"Happy Isles II"  1989, Oil on canvas, 30" x 40" $14,500

"Oakland Hilltop" 1946, Oil on canvas, 20" x 24"  $8,000

"Studio Table" 1955, Oil on Masonite, 26" x 36"  $25,000

"Bull Riding Gear"  1982, Oil on Masonite, 18" x 24"  $28,000

Darwin Musselman began his interest in art at an early age. The painting at the left is the earliest known work by him, done when he was 16 years old.  It is likely a copy of a WWI painting.  His first focus was to become proficient at realism.  While he was simply practicing with placing colors on canvas in the 1932 painting, by three years later there was a remarkable proficiency with realism in his "Mt. Ritter" painting, done at age 19.  His mastery of realism continued, of course, even after branching out to abstract and non-objective paintings.  Coincident with the height of his abstract era, he began a series of super-realistic painting, known as "Trompe l'oile" (fool the eye) and two examples of this are "Studio Table" and "Bull Riding Gear" shown below. 

"Mt. Ritter" 1935, Oil on canvas, 14" x 18"  NFS

 "Aerial Battle" 1932, Oil on canvas, 9" x 14"  NFS

Realistic paintings