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Darwin Musselman's paintings vary widely in style but possess one feature in common - a composition that is highly methodical.  After developing skills in drawing and realistic painting, the artist established his most identifiable style, one that reflects the influence of both cubism and abstract realism.  Musselman's prominence in the California art world during the mid twentieth century, primarily through his abstract paintings, helped to define what has come to be called "the California Style."(1)
Musselman reserved a set of 50 of his most representative museum pieces for competitive exhibits and eventually kept them for his own pleasure.  We have many of these and others of similar very high quality available for collectors.  The catalog below documents Musselman's career, awards, and selected collections. We have arranged the available paintings on this website by type, illustrated beneath the catalog.  Browse by clicking on a painting style of interest and enjoy the collection.  

Brochure from Musselman's last exhibit - a retrospective of his work from 1935 to 1991 held at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA in 1999.  Click on the image to see inside.

We will be happy to answer questions; just fill in the Contact page Sales include complimentary shipping and insurance in the Continental U.S and a third-party appraisal for insurance purposes.  
1.  "The California Style - California Watercolor Artists 1925 - 1955," Gordon T. McClelland and Jay T. Last, Hillcrest Press, Beverly Hills, 1985. ​
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"Winter Quarter, Ron" 1973, Egg tempera
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